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All our programs are based on the core belief that everything is energy and all energy has consciousness. Within the cycles of life, there are no accidents and everything is connected.  Learn how Qigong practice strengthens the connections.  Join us and experience what this means for you.

May 13 - Jun 3

3 E Qigong: 4 Week Session

Everybody needs Energy Every day. 3 E Qigong consists of three powerful and simple Energy movements that allow Everybody to practice and stimulate balance Everyday.  A unique opportunity to experience your own qi and see what all the buzz is about! This class will be taught by Beth Anesi, a long time student of Grand Master Lu. *When you click the Learn More button, you will be redirected to to register.
May 15

May Full Moon Practice

Join us and merge with the energy of the April Full moon, the first full moon of Spring. First, set your intention for health and inner peace, then stand in meditation holding the posture The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.
May 17

Meridian Dance Class

Meridian Dance is a 4 week immersive experience in learning the location of your major energy lines. You’ll make a connection to each of the 12 major meridians building a relationship of the inner world. These powerful energy pathways are responsible for physical, emotional and energetic balance.
May 17

Tao of Morning Qigong

Looking for a steady Qigong practice under the guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu? Study and be challenged to reach your full energetic potential.
Jun 2

Qi for Self-Care: Techniques to Heal Inflammation, Part 2

Sleep is a key factor in resolving inflammation issues. During this Qi for Self-Care talk, Grand Master Lu will outline techniques to gain better sleep. Sleep is the body's best go-to for natural healing.
Jun 4

Dragon’s Way Qigong® Marketing Seminar

Part two of this marketing seminar dives deeper into how to build a thriving Dragon's Way Qigong business. Jennifer Oh, DACM, LAc, will be sharing marketing tips that she used to build a successful wellness practice. She'll share what worked for her and offer guidance to help you grow your DWQ following. This complimentary seminar is open to certified Dragon's Way Qigong Instructors as well as instructors in training.
Jun 9

Round-Table: Women’s Health and Chinese Medicine

Women’s health physicians discuss why they chose to study Chinese medicine to enhance their own well-being in mind-body-spirit, and how they now integrate TCM with conventional medicine to address women’s health conditions.
Jun 17 - 24

Journey into Heart Harmony

Time to be playful, creative and less serious. Summer is the best time to make this shift. All of nature is expressing itself. Join Grand Master Lu and practice specific Heart centered Qigong practices to reconnect your inner world with Universal Qi, enjoy a creative eating style that's based on your personal cravings and be inspired by other program components.
Sep 19 for Six Consecutive Weeks

Dragon’s Way Qigong® 6-Week Class

Enjoy a life-enhancing 6-week session where you will practice 10 Wu Ming Qigong postures and focus on how to understand the  Five Element Consciousness framework as a guide to listening to your body from a positive point of view. The results will amaze you and best of all, you can use what you've learned to help yourself for the rest of your life. Registration will open in late August.
Sep 19

Instructor Training Begins

As a certified instructor, you'll take the powerful system of Dragon's Way Qigong® to your community, incorporate it into your life or possibly begin a new career. Yes, this program has the potential to help you make a living while helping others step into a whole new way of living life more fully. It’s a win-win for everyone!!