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All our programs are based on the core belief that everything is energy and all energy has consciousness. Within the cycles of life, there are no accidents and everything is connected.  Learn how Qigong practice strengthens the connections.  Join us and experience what this means for you.

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January 9 - 19

Qi and Soup: A Meditative Journey

Join Grand Master Lu for 6 evenings of guided meditations that will calm your mind and enhance your innate healing systems. With fear all around us, the. body's innate immune system is challenged. Fear also resonates with Kidney Qi. Kidney is the organ that closely aligns with the winter season and craves nurturing.
January 12

Become a Certified Dragon’s Way Qigong® Instructor

We are exceedingly proud of the results our instructors are having when teaching Dragon’s Way Qigong. Lives are shifting, health is improving and mental sharpness is returning.
January 17

January Full Moon Practice

Join us and merge with the energy of the Cold Full moon. First, set your intention for health and inner peace, then stand in meditation holding the posture The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.
January 24 - February 28

New Dragon’s Way Qigong® Session

Discover your hidden potential to live a happy, healthy life. Once learned these techniques will become patterns that support you and your family for the rest your life. Join our 6-week comprehensive program that includes: 10 powerful Qigong postures, secrets to decoding your body’s messages, healthy eating plan, herbal support.
February 1

Tao of Morning Qigong

This class is for students looking for a steady Qigong practice under the guidance of Grand Master Lu. He challenges students to reach their full energetic potential by sharing teachings in a traditional manner. Due to the cumulative nature of previous classes, we cannot admit new students until February 1. Contact us to be added to a wait list.
March 7

Instructor Training Begins

As a certified instructor, you will be able to take this powerful system to your community, incorporate it into your life or simply begin a new career. Yes, this program has the potential to help you make a living while helping others step into a whole new way of living life more fully. It’s a win-win for everyone!! Training begins March 7