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All our programs are based on the core belief that everything is energy and all energy has consciousness. Within the cycles of life, there are no accidents and everything is connected.  Learn how Qigong practice strengthens the connections.  Join us and experience what this means for you.

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December 15

Become a Certified Dragon’s Way Qigong Instructor

We are exceedingly proud of the results our instructors are having when teaching Dragon’s Way Qigong. Lives are shifting, health is improving and mental sharpness is returning.
December 18

Cold Full Moon Practice

Join us and merge with the energy of the Cold Full moon. First, set your intention for health and inner peace, then stand in meditation holding the posture The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.
January 1

Tao of Morning Qigong

This class is for students looking for a steady Qigong practice under the guidance of Grand Master Lu. He challenges students to reach their full energetic potential by sharing teachings in a traditional manner.
January 9 - 19

Qi and Soup!

Mark your calendars now and start the new year with a warming, Qi enhancing journey.