Life Changes Lead to Awakenings

Life changes every day. Morning changes to night and back into day. The seasons change. The weather changes. We change—we go along with the patterns provided for us. But do we truly change ourselves?

At your core, you are who you are. That is how you are intended to be. But there is a difference between an ordinary change—a change in schedule or style—and a life change. When you make a life change, you see something within yourself that no longer fits or “feels right” and you seek a way to make it better.

It’s something that you, as an individual, want to improve in your life. But change is a funny thing. It’s not something we can impose on others, and likewise, it’s not something others can impose on us. Change comes from within.

Clearly, these life changes don’t happen every day. But when they do come about, we are empowered with the opportunity to see life—ourselves and those around us—in a new and beautiful light. So when you get that internal inkling that a change is needed, seek out a way to give your life more meaning and purpose. Understand that this change is good—it’s happening so a new door can open—one that will lead you to a richer awakening.


Grand Master Lu’s Life Rules:

There are no accidents.
Everything is happening for a reason.
Everything is happening for good.
Can you see the good?

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