Gretchen’s Gift of Dynamic Well-Being

I’d like to share my experiences with TCM and the role it has played in my self-healing and prevention. I see Tatianna regularly, after having seen Dr. Lu initially, over the course of many years. I have been going to them as my “Primary Care Physican.” I can share nothing but authentic superlatives as my experience has been as positive and effective as one could hope for when seeking healing, on any level.

always give the gift of Dr. Nan Lu to anyone with health obstacles, including cancer, as well as those seeking preventative measures to avoid disease. I always offer to drive them to their first appointment, as some may not be inclined to embrace “alternative/complimentary” approaches to wellness. I cannot overstate how much confidence I have in the healing powers they awaken in their patients, no matter what the health challenges may be. From the desire for basic “tune-ups” to radical healing from advanced stages of cancer, Dr. Lu and Tatianna are miracle workers. The comprehensive healing they facilitate routinely is “another day at their (compassionate and loving) office.” The paradigm and expectation for dynamic well-being seems like the stuff of miracles to allopathic, traditional sensibilities. But I’ve attended their weekend retreats with so many people who have had various stages of cancer (or other serious illnesses) and were 100% cancer-free for many years after being under Dr. Lu and Tatianna’s care. I call them my TCM family as they lovingly treat everyone like the brothers and sisters we all are.

– Gretchen Turner