Ask Grand Master Lu: Imagining the Future

Question: If I want something for my future, should I imagine it happening now?

Answer: Not necessarily. At this moment in time, you may not imagine what is really yours. You may imagine certain things, but they may exist only in the dream level.

To get what you’re after, you need to change your beliefs about your future.  You have to believe it will provide the best for you, no matter what. Most people think they have plan more or control what happens in their future. But true faith is this: I will ask the Universe and accept that whatever happens is what is best for me.

You need to accept—deep in your core—that everything happens to you for good. You are capable of believing anything! Look at the positive side:  Everything happens for a good reason. When you think this way, your life will change. If you look at life through this perspective, you will see the good and you will experience the good.

We want to avoid bad, but we fear bad—at times we even expect it, and so that’s what comes our way. The belief that everything happens to you for the good is a new tool for spiritual growth. One day, you go a different way to work and that causes you to miss an accident. The new path is quick; you don’t have to pay a toll. Why not try the new path? The old path is still there if this tool doesn’t work for you. I’m asking you to open your mind.

Everything happens to you for a reason.  The reason is to help you grow and discover who you are. So all of fate is perfect. It’s just like a house:  you can close all the windows or open the windows; you can even use the windows as an exit. Life is perfect. Believing or seeing that it is perfect makes its experiences joyful.