Be Free

Have you ever watched a child play? What have you noticed? Children play with all other children. The color of their skin, the shape of their bodies, the language they speak, the clothes they wear—none of those things come into play when kids are running together on the playground. They simply walk over to a person their own size, smile, and start playing as if they’d known each other for years.

Kids run freely, laugh freely, and play freely—without judgement, fear, or worry. They jump in puddles and giggle with their whole hearts.

Adults have many more invisible boundaries than children, but why? Why are we squeamish to sit next to a “stranger”? Why can’t we dance in the rain or sing out loud without fear of judgement? Why is it such a “bad” thing to cry when we’re sad, or laugh a full-bellied laugh when we’re overjoyed, if *gasp* we’re in public?

Let’s find out.

Start your own social experiment.

Over the next week or two, observe those around you. Notice their facial expressions, reactions to certain situations, and body language. Why does the woman at work always stand with her arms crossed, seemingly shirking the office crowd? Be observant and become aware of the nuances in body language of those around you.

After a few days, cue in to your own quirks. How do you react when you’re uncomfortable, sad, or angry? What do your feel? What does your face show? When you feel an emotion welling up, look in the mirror. Do your feelings and expressions match?

As you become more aware, begin to soften your smile. Allow yourself to laugh. Run in the rain without an umbrella. Talk to a new colleague. Try something out of your comfort zone. As you free yourself from the boundaries you’ve created, you may find an intense connection with a person you had never approached before, or a deep longing to experience something new—something freeing. That’s a sign that you’re changing from within. Keep going!

Continue on this path until you can giggle like a group of 7-year-old girls planning their birthday parties. In other words, continue letting go of what holds you back until you are truly free.

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Qigong alone is not your answer. Everything is connected. Your thoughts and understanding of Qi impacts the outcome. If you’re inclined to study Qigong and learn about Chinese medicine, we’re here to guide you.

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In honor of Mother’s Day, Grand Master Lu will share his thoughts on the reflection of beauty on the skin. (Complimentary talk)

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Psychologists share the impact of Chinese Medicine and Qigong on their personal journeys and discuss its benefit in psychotherapeutic treatment.

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