Heart Harmony Part 3: You Are Not Alone

In Part 1 of our series on Heart harmony, Grand Master Nan Lu encouraged us to experience the feelings that love brings us—in body, mind, and spirit. He then discussed the body’s ability to recall love on a deep cellular level and return to those feelings during times of sadness. In Part 2, we learned how to use love for healing. In our final segment, we focus on the fact that through love, we are all connected. You are not alone.


There are many paths you can take to discover yourself. You can choose to find yourself through love or through hate—choose love.

All love has the same frequency. Through love, you connect to the Universe, to the animals and to people past and present. Everyone and everything around the world that resonates with love is bound together.

Love nests inside our cells at the deepest and highest levels. That’s why a simple touch of a fabric can bring back a memory from childhood. But our memories of love go beyond what we can remember. Love remains with us through generations. We benefit from the love of our ancestors and it stays within us forever.

For thousands of years, sounds for healing have connected people at a cellular level. The simple sound of /om/ connects us to the frequency of love and consciousness. Practice it. Sit peacefully with your eyes closed and say /om/ three times. The first is for the past: all generations of love and consciousness within and around you; the second is for the present: the here and the now; the third is for the future. In this moment, you are not alone. Through this practice of love, you connect to the past, the present, and the future. They are all part of the same space and the same time. You connect to many, many lives. All the love and consciousness will vibrate together. You are not alone.

Toward the middle of August, Summer transitions into Late Summer. The Heart—the King of all organs, which thrives on peace and harmony, gives the reins over to the Stomach. But don’t lose this practice of love. Continue on. When you put time, discipline, and effort into yourself, love becomes your best reward. All you need to do is smile to reap the benefits of this Heart harmony journey that we’ve traveled on.

See yourself change in love—your face, your body, your taste—everything about you has to change. If you can be peaceful and change your Heart, your love will continue to grow throughout the year.

-Grand Master Nan Lu


Keep Learning!

It’s incredible to look at your body from a Oneness perspective. From this lens, nothing can be viewed in isolation. Everything is connected, and all for good purpose. Reconnect your body, mind and spirit.