Transformation and Awareness with The Dragon’s Way

As with natural evolution, The Dragon’s Way® program is moving! In the fall of 2015, Dragon’s Way Instructors joined on a nationwide conference call to strengthen our support network and digest a shift in approach. Larry Stoler, Ph.D., was one of three people mentioned during the call for his dedication to building The Dragon’s Way program in his community. Larry’s dedication as a student of Master Lu and Wu Ming Qigong practice roots his success. He is successfully operating with the deeper, invisible level of belief in the power of this framework and the message supporting it.

In The Dragon’s Way, Larry sees a very deep, accessible, life-changing practice. “Many who have chosen this particular path have a readiness in them, something has called them. At the same time, they can’t grasp how it is that they’ve seen such powerful changes in such a short time. ” Experiencing Wu Ming Qigong and the Dragon’s Way as wholly unique, Larry is persistent in raising community awareness through many channels. “I can say that this is the best watch or the best car.  But is it? I can get from here to there in any car.  But they are not all the same. If you make a claim that your practice links to spirit, and is guided by invisible energy, and then you actually do connect to that link, and to your own energy and spirit, that is truly special. It is unlimited potential, unlimited opportunity. That is a big claim but this program does that. I believe it in a way that I’ve never seen in anything else I’ve taught.”

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