For thousands of years, people have studied the human body. Scientists and doctors have looked at individual organs, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and have studied the functions and applications of each and every part. They have looked into the brain to understand where thoughts come from and the way firing neurons carry messages throughout the body. They have traced blood from the heart to the veins throughout the body. These complex studies have revealed many impressive workings of our physical bodies. But do we really understand the human body in all of its uniqueness? The body is much more than a collection of material parts that have individual functions. It is made up of multiple interrelationships, many of which are invisible. The body is interconnections, Energy and consciousness—the body is everything.

In this YouTube video, Grand Master Lu shares his profound perspective on body, mind, spirit healing. Understanding the body from this multi-dimensional perspective—as a part of Nature, and as Energy itself—helps us to see ourselves as a true extension of the natural world.

“You are not an accident—you are a child of the Universe. You have all the wisdom—all the promise—from the spirit level that you use at the body level in this life. Look at this as purpose. Once you understand that you have a purpose at the spiritual level and you use the human body in this Earth, then you might understand that the body-mind-spirit is a full package. It’s everything. You cannot separate them. You cannot just use words…Then when you look at disease and you look at symptoms and you look at the mind, they are not just disease, symptoms, and the mind– they are spiritual purpose. When you have this angle, you will understand that body-mind-spirit is Oneness.”

Grand Master Lu on Body, Mind, Spirit Healing

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  1. Thank you. That was a very lucid introduction to the body, mind, spirit ecosystem. I had not thought to see this is as a fractal of all living systems. I also understand now, that separating them, is a false construction for learning purposes – and probably incorrect given its fundamental integration/interdependence. Much gratitude!


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