Who Are You…Uniquely?

Who are you? Did you ever stop and ask yourself that question?

You are living in this body–the only body you’ve ever known, with relationships, Nature–the World–swirling around you. You take in so much every day–from the basic level of what you eat and drink, to the things you see, hear, smell, and experience. Everything around you is an influence, whether or not you are aware of it–and is something new for the body to process.

So in this world where things are constantly moving and changing, without much connection to Nature or to your own true nature, have you lost sight of yourself? Is the person you portray truly the person that you are? Or have you let the people and things around you change you? We all change as time goes on. We ebb and flow, just as Nature does. But to be true to yourself, you must come back to the unique person you were born to be. Find yourself and then allow yourself to grow and transform into the beautiful person you are intended to become.