Be Empty and Dance Fearlessly

Nature provides lessons throughout the year. In watching her patterns, we learn to be silent in Winter so that we can fully express our gifts in Spring. Summer’s vibrancy leads to a full Autumn harvest and Late Summer’s last birth of growth before all is quiet once again. Nature teaches us to move, to be still, and to flow and be flexible throughout the year. One of Nature’s creations embodies all of these traits.

Although rooted in the earth, bamboo has a hollow stem, and can therefore move freely in the breeze. Technically a woody grass, bamboo is durable enough to use in construction and delicate enough to serve atop a salad plate. Known as one of the fastest growing grasses, every part of bamboo can be used in one application or another, from its leaves and shoots to its stems.

In the eyes of Chinese medicine, bamboo has true healing properties. But this plant’s essence extends far beyond its medicinal properties. The way of the Tao teaches us to be empty, to be flexible and allow life to flow through you. Have you ever looked inside a stalk of bamboo? With a hollow stem, it has the free-flowing ability to go with the flow.

But have you ever noticed that all Buddhist temples have bamboo? Bamboo contains one of the most powerful essences, because it grows under the ground and breaks through the earth in Spring. In Five Element Consciousness, the Earth equates to the Stomach. Bamboo has the essence to help you break through any kind of digestive system issue. It’s also beneficial to those trying to lose weight, as bamboo absorbs a lot of fat.

The Spring season correlates with the Wood element and reconnects us to Nature and its glorious changes. Bamboo is flexible and fearless. The same concept applies to our larger pines and the branches of even our thickest, sturdiest trees. When the wind blows, these trees gracefully dance in the moving wind. When the air stills, the trees remain firmly rooted.

Find your firm footing. Empty yourself of the weight you carry on your shoulders, and allow yourself to dance fearlessly with whatever changes Spring may bring your way.


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We find great meaning in life’s empty spaces. Can you be empty to allow the good to enter?