Health: The Only Option

Thoughts shape you. Constant negative thoughts will only serve to bring you down, much like a sinking ship. But healthy thoughts can be transformative. They call you to act in a way that is uplifting and spirited. Healthy thoughts can set you free.

The phrase “mind over matter” relates to willpower—having the “strength” to overcome physical limitations. However, mind over matter can also be viewed from a different perspective—a spiritual one.

If we were presented with the option to have a healthy life or an unhealthy life, most, if not all of us would choose health. No one chooses to suffer and live an unhealthy life. No one asks for illness or disease. Yet we don’t always take the necessary steps to prevent it. We take our health for granted.

While we are feeling good, we push our bodies by running in shorts on a cold day and grabbing an energy bar or a quick cookie when we’re hungry. We push our minds by working when we’re well past exhaustion, if only for a few minutes. And we function in a state of constant stress while feeding ourselves unhealthy thoughts and surrounding ourselves with negativity. Our bodies, minds, and spirits do not have the time to “tune out” and relax. They are in a state of perpetual motion.

Most of us look at health as symptom-related illness. But health is so much more than physical. Health is emotional and spiritual. If your body energetically falls out of balance, it cannot send the proper messages for each organ system to continue functioning as intended. That’s when dis-ease starts to appear. The body responds with physical symptoms. By this point, your energetic system has already sent out numerous SOS messages. But fear not! Traditional Chinese medicine follows the concept that energy and mass are interchangeable. So, simply stated, if the body has produced physical symptoms, which we’ll call “mass”, it has the ability to turn that mass back into invisible, free-flowing energy. We just have to tune back in—to our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and our innate intuition.

How Do We Return to Balance from a State of Dis-ease?

  1. Begin to see yourself as a connected whole. You are capable of incredible, wondrous things. Do not sell yourself short!
  2. Recognize that your thoughts have the power to transform your health and your entire life. What messages are you sending and receiving?
  3. Eat healing foods to supply your body with added Qi. Warm, cooked foods aid in digestion.
  4. Practice Qigong, meditate, or walk in Nature to build Qi and deeply rest.
  5. Understand that health is the ONLY option. Feeding yourself the message that you are on a journey to regain your health sends your body the positive, healing message that health is right around the corner.

Journey Into Spring!

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