Rain: Nature’s Tears

In the last segment of our Healthy Liver, Healthy Life series, Grand Master Lu shared with us the power of tears, as they transform your energy from an invisible emotion into a visible form.

Tears allow you to release emotion and cleanse your body from the inside out. So, as he said, “Let your energy flow!”

Oftentimes, we look to Nature for a parallel—a rushing river, crashing waves, a sudden downpour. Each of these forms of water contain energy. The river washes rocks and silt downstream, the waves carry sand and shells to shore—with enough power to suspend surfers and even wash away trees and homes. And a rainstorm does the same—it washes pollen from the streets, fills birdbaths, rivers, and streams, nourishes trees and plants, and lightens the air during a humid, sticky day.

As rain cleanses the Earth, so too, do tears cleanse the soul. Water is cleansing in all of its forms. So allow a tear to fall. Celebrate the rain—dance in the puddles and splash in the streets! You’ll soon feel a smile spread across your face. Instead of hiding under an umbrella, allow the rain to hit your cheeks and splash on your shoes. Enjoy this gift that the Universe is sharing with you. Allow the rain to cleanse you from the inside out.