Ask Grand Master Nan Lu: Why Practice Qigong?

Question: I have been learning about different energy practices. So, why do you recommend Qigong?

Answer: On one level, you can practice Qigong for improved health, youthful looks, extra energy, and even longevity. It can help wrinkles, acne, excess weight, stress and back pain simply disappear. No matter your physical complaint, there’s a Qigong movement that will benefit you. But that’s just scratching the surface. Many of these physical symptoms are a result of a body out of balance. When the body is in a state of balance and harmony, disease cannot and will not enter. With continued practice, Qigong can bring your entire being—body, mind, and spirit—to a more harmonious state of balance.

In this Youtube video, Grand Master Nan Lu shares how Qigong can truly help you change your life from the inside-out.

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