The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Any good architect will tell you that the most important part of a home is its foundation. You can have the most beautiful moldings, arched doorways, and high-end appliances, but without a solid foundation, the home itself could crumble. You can apply this mindset to so many areas of life.


A vegetable garden’s foundation is its soil. Without living soil that is full of nutrients and microorganisms, even the most skilled farmer will have a poor yield. Fertilizers and other nutrients can be added to the soil, but it will take time, patience, and a lot of work to bring the soil back to health.


Would you jump right into calculus without first learning addition? Of course not. A solid foundation allows you to build upon your skillset and prepare for future learning. The same thought process applies in the workplace. In order to become CEO of a company, you need a firm foundation of people skills, financial awareness, and corporate know-how to get the job done and bring the company success.


In terms of family, one size does not fit all. But regardless of your family make up, love sets the foundation for people that will be there for each other through thick and thin. The same applies to friendships. We all know who will be in our corner when we need a helping hand or have exciting news to share.


Health is quite possibly the most important area to have a solid, firm footing. When we look at health across a lifetime, many people reach their 60s, 70s, and beyond and are on a variety of medicines. This is attributed to “age” and has become an acceptable norm. But while these treatments are dealing with the symptoms of dis-ease, they are not addressing the root cause. What caused the foundation to crack in the first place? Through Qigong practice, acupuncture, and herbs, Traditional Chinese medicine drills down to the reason the imbalance occurred and looks for pathways to healing. By returning to the root, we are essentially pouring concrete into the crack of the foundation, and providing ourselves a healthy, firm base from which to begin anew.


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