Self-Care: A Healing Perspective

As long as humans walk the earth, there will be emotions. Emotions are part of the human experience, but emotions are intended to be felt, expressed and released. Held emotions can throw the body off balance.

Have you heard the saying, “You create your own reality.”? Try it. Watch your thoughts.  What are you creating? The angle you connect with will determine your outcome. When you’re not feeling well, do you worry you’ll get worse? Coincidentally, the stomach pain you had is somehow exaggerated. You can even make yourself vomit thinking something is majorly wrong.

But if you change your perspective and see the power your body is manifesting to bring you back into balance, the outcome has the potential to be very different. That’s what Grand Master Lu calls self-care—believing in the power of your innate healing system.

Click here to watch Grand Master Lu talk about self-care:

The Power of Self-Care Video


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