Food’s Healing Power

Food contains energy. In actuality, food is energy. Nature’s foods can be separated into different energetic frequencies, which allow the essence of the food and your organs to communicate. You have your own spirit, identity, and purpose. So too do your organs and every cell in your body. Thus, the essence of certain foods communicate with and support the energetic workings of the organs and cells in the body.

In ancient times, high-level masters used special Qigong practices t0 activate their inner vision. They were able to see which material objects—plants, fruits, vegetables, animal products—had the same energetic frequency as the body’s organs. Today, this inner vision is something we only see in the movies. Directors use special effects to help viewers understand what it’s like to see beyond third-dimensional reality. Ancient masters were able to experience the inner connections underlying the physical world we take for granted. Today, very few people have the skill to see or experience things beyond the physical dimensions of our reality.

How and why were these ancient Qigong masters able to accomplish this seemingly magical feat of peering into and experiencing the subatomic world of energy? The answer lies in their spiritual practices. Taoist philosophy and TCM have provided a deeper quantum perspective to help us see that every cell is a microcosm of the whole. This concept of holographic theory states that the whole is always contained in each of its parts. It also helps explain why and how ancient masters were able to know that certain foods carry different kinds of Qi.

When we talk about frequency, we look at the essence of the food. Generally speaking, foods and herbs can be discussed in terms of three main aspects of their essence: temperature, energetic frequencies, and their impact on the body.

First Aspect of Essence: Temperature

One aspect of essence relates to temperature, or whether something is warm, hot, cool, or neutral. This is part of the unique, invisible energetic frequency of every food. For example, peppermint delivers a cool essence, and is able to counteract the physical property of heat, like a fever or sore throat. So while hot peppermint tea is hot to the touch, it delivers a cooling essence.

Second Aspect of Essence: Energetic Frequency

Another aspect of essence is how the food resonates with the body’s meridians. At the energetic level, different foods vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies are compatible with the energetic frequencies of meridians. Energy is motion and message. Ancient TCM practitioners “saw” that specific foods could boost a certain organ function. For example, broccoli rabe and bitter melon boost Heart function by giving it additional Qi to better manage its duties.

Third Aspect of Essence: Impact on the Body

Does this food have the ability to create action, like move the body’s urine? Can it break through energy stagnation—the kind we see in breast cysts? Can it encourage the body to release water through sweat? This wisdom is sophisticated, complex, and profound. It has been passed down to us over thousands of years and is as vital today as it was several millennia ago.


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