“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUPWith groceries so expensive, we try to develop meals from every day ingredients. Keep cooking simple and delicious! That's the key to reducing the frequency of take-out foods that don't necessarily offer healing benefits.
BALSAMIC FISH STRIP SOUPA tasty dish with a kick thanks to the splash of vinegar. Together the ingredients nurture Liver and Kidney function. Parsley is an added bonus that helps to "clean" the blood.
COD WITH FENNELHere's a trick to determine if your fish is fully cooked. Using a chop stick, gently poke the cod to see if it flakes apart. If so, it's done! Fish is an excellent source of protein to support healthy Kidney function. This recipe is part of the Winter Qi Reset
YIN/YANG TOASTEveryone loves to crunch. This egg meal is toasted on one side yet soft on the other. Enjoy the balance between hard and soft.
AINE’S FAVORITE SOUPThis hearty winter soup is a versatile meal that can reduce inflammation and help resolve phlegm issues. Add additional spices for your own twist.
FRESH PEAR TEAPear tea is a delicious and easy to make brew that nurtures and moistures the Lung. Drink as a tea or enjoy as pear soup. Additionally, you can make a large amount of pear tea and reserve the cooked pears as a topping for morning cereal.
SALMON VEGGIE BAKEThe consciousness of wild salmon is fearlessness! When eating for healing, consciousness and essence are important Essence will support healthy Kidney function which is also related to being fearless.
SWEET EGG OMELETTEThis delicious meal can be amended with any veggies or fruit you like. We love canned peaches for their sweetness and texture. Together this dish supports the Kidney, Stomach and Liver.
POTATO WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASHThis satisfying meal harmonizes Stomach Qi and support the colon. Butternut squash supports the Lung and Large Intestine. While it's a great fall food, butternut squash is a nutritious food year round.
ZUCCHINI STIR FRYZucchini helps to moisture the Lungs and cleanse the colon. By adding grapes, the sweet sour essence supports the Stomach and Liver.
THREE ROOT STEWThis meal will increase your metabolic function. Enjoy warm and puree leftovers for a creamy soup.
APPLE PLUM BREAKFASTSweet and sour this mixture is a good way to wake-up your digestive system. By adding the pine nuts, Kidney Qi is also supported.
RADISH SEAWEED SOUPRadish Seaweed soup with seaweed is an excellent cold prevention meal. The daikon radish will support healthy Stomach and Lung function.
PEACHY FISH BAKEFish is a great source of energy to support healthy Kidney function. Adding fruit give a touch of sweetness which is good for the Spleen and Stomach.
CRIPSY NUTSNuts are a wonderful source of protein. We love walnuts for its ability to strengthen Kidney Qi. Almonds support the Lung while the sunflower seeds help the Small Intestines, Stomach and Spleen energy.
ASPARAGUS STIR FRYAsparagus has a warm essence which is good for the digestive system. It can also help relive inflammatory issues as well as releasing dampness.
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