The Lowdown on Food Cravings

Have you ever wondered why you crave all things salty while your friend can’t go without her sweets? The body craves specific tastes when certain organ systems are out of balance.

Your body knows best, and left to its own devices, it knows what it needs to thrive. Since all foods have an energetic essence, the foods you’re drawn to can actually help rebalance the organ systems that are not functioning optimally. So, don’t ignore your cravings! Instead, listen to them carefully: this is your body’s way of asking for what it needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of why you may be drawn to certain foods over others.

Salty Cravings: The taste of salt stimulates Kidney function, which is tied to the body’s energy reserves. Think about the times you normally crave chips or pretzels. Is it usually late at night? When you’re running low on energy, salt is a go-to.

Make a better choice! Snack on salted nuts, wasabi peas, or seaweed crackers. If you crave salt throughout the day, add more seafood to your diet to give your Kidney energy a boost. Of course, the best remedy for being low on energy is to recharge your batteries. Get lots of sleep and try to eliminate some stressors from your daily life.


Sweet Cravings: The taste of sweet boosts Stomach function, and is usually a sign that your digestive system needs some extra TLC. Listen to your body. Are you using the bathroom regularly? If not, are these the times when that chocolate bar craving just won’t go away?

Make a better choice! Snack on some fresh or dried fruit, a spoonful of honey, or bake some pears or apples with honey and cinnamon.


Fried Cravings: Fried foods have a very hot essence. This craving may indicate that you have internal cold, which can impair your digestive system.

Make a better choice! Make yourself a cup of hot ginger tea—with slices of fresh ginger and a spoonful of brown sugar. Adding warm foods to your everyday diet can help boost your digestive system.


Of course, indulging every so often isn’t all that bad. Feel free to have a small bite of chocolate when you just can’t resist. But when you do, imagine it going right where it needs to go—to give your digestive system a much-needed boost.