Three Signs That Your Liver Needs a Boost

Did you know that the Liver is the organ most affected by stress and excess emotions? Because emotions are energy, they can impact your body deeply at an energetic level. Since the modern lifestyle is so full of stress, the Liver is an important organ to take care of in order to preserve your overall health. The Liver plays a key role in metabolism function, proper energy and blood circulation, hormonal balance, fertility and women’s health.

Spring is a great time to tune-up your Liver function, as its energetic vibration matches that of the Liver and supports its energy. How do you know if your Liver needs some springtime TLC?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you often feel irritable or angry, or have difficulty making a decision? Are you constantly exposed to stressful situations?

2) Do you have frequent mood swings, migraine headaches, hormone issues, or other “PMS” symptoms?

3) Do you have spring allergies or do other emotional or physical symptoms worsen during the Spring?


If you answered “yes” to these questions, the Liver is most likely the culprit. Here are some tips to give your Liver a much needed boost!

Connect with how children intuitively release anger and frustration. One minute they are hollering, clenching their fists, and stomping on the ground; the next minute, they are happily playing, having released their emotional tension. So try releasing your stress as children do—your Liver will thank you deeply for it!

If a temper tantrum is not your style, try breaking a dozen eggs in a bathtub or hammering some old wood. You may even unleash your hidden creativity and turn that wood into something useful, like a birdhouse or a bench for your backyard.

Prefer a more relaxed pace? Take a walk in Nature. Find a beautiful tree to sit under and read a book, or simply sit and observe all of the creatures prancing around you. Watch as the birds build their nests and the squirrels scamper up a tree to eat a nut. Embrace the simple beauty found in Nature. When you return home, take steps to simplify, whether that means cleaning out your closets, lightening your schedule, or finding some time to just “be.”