Illness and Disease: Effects of Deeper Causes, Part 1

We typically look at illness and disease as the cause of our problems, when in reality they are the effects of deeper causes. Unless we know where and how to look, it is virtually impossible to discover the root cause of why illness, disease, or discomfort has entered our lives. But if we truly want to fix the ultimate cause and stop dealing with symptoms, we have to go to the deepest level yet—beyond the physical and emotional levels—to determine what’s behind our situation and fix it. Spirit is not something that exists only in another realm. We are energy beings—an integrated, multidimensional system of body, mind, and spirit. Spirit is a part of every cell in our body.

From the spiritual level, illness, disease, or discomfort means that the body’s Qi is out of balance. You experience a condition—an illness or disease—with your five senses. It is tangible. You can feel it, and you can explain its symptoms and its effects on your body. The spiritual level operates beyond this reality. We can’t use terms like illness or disease. We can’t even use terms like right or wrong. And we can’t use human judgement to look at our experiences. There is only oneness. The world of the spirit is the world of oneness. We can only describe ourselves and the conditions we experience as energy frequencies. Something is indeed out of balance in the body, or the condition would never exist.

This kind of energy or Qi has consciousness, purpose, and creativity. You have the ability to use your unique energy vibration in a special way, in a specific location. So, what is your spirit trying to accomplish by creating this condition? It’s like a show—you can choose to create a small local production or a Broadway extravaganza. It’s up to you. Your own creativity will choose different organ systems to show different events in the energy field. Ask yourself, Why have I chosen this energy event? What can it help me accomplish? Only you really know why. The answer is always within.Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.

This is Part 1 of a three-part series. Join us the next two Tuesdays to learn more.