Words of Wisdom: The Value You Hold Within

Many years ago, a master engaged his student in a test. He instructed the student to bring a large rock to various vendors to determine the highest value he could get as a trade.

First, the student brought the rock to the farmer’s market. Many farmers turned the student down, but one farmer offered the student a bushel of potatoes in exchange for the rock.

The student then brought the rock to a wealthy landowner. The landowner admired the heft of the rock and described just where the rock could be used on his property. He then offered the student $1,000.

Next, the student brought the rock to a jeweler. Using a magnifying glass, the jeweler noted the shape and size of the rock and suggested $10,000 as a good trade.

Finally, the student brought the rock to a diamond seller. The seller’s eyes lit up as he examined the raw stone. He buffed one edge of the stone and upon confirming his suspicions, quickly offered the student $1 million.

To different eyes, the same stone means different things.

The farmer felt the stone was no more valuable than a bushel of potatoes.

The landowner determined the stone’s value based on his personal needs.

The jeweler saw the face value of the stone but did not delve deeper.

And finally, the diamond seller, who knew just what to look for, recognized this plain garden stone as a beautiful, valuable diamond.


What potential is hiding under the “stones” in your life? How can you train your own eyes to see the beauty you hold within?