Taiji: The Circle of Life

The ancient practice of Taiji might just be the ingredient you need for a healthy life. Gentle movements become meditative and encourage the body to find balance.  Practices like Qigong and Taiji were discovered by the ancient masters as a way to care for people in their own villages.

Over 3,000 years ago, the I-Ching first mentioned Taiji (Tai Chi). It stated, “in all changes exists Tai Chi, which causes the two opposites in everything.” Taiji is symbolic of the principles of Taoism, which focus on balance and Natural law.

Nature constantly achieves a state of harmony. Even when natural disasters occur, Nature will heal itself and eventually find its balance. The ancient Chinese were immersed in the principles of Taoism and recognized when imbalances were present. They applied this concept to their lives, using Taiji movements first as exercise. They practiced the movements over and over again, until the philosophy behind Taiji became a conscious way to achieve balance, harmony, and ultimately—health.

According to Grand Master Lu, “All Taiji is related to the circle. The circle is continuous with no beginning and no end. It represents the never-ending cycle of life. All one needs to learn is the circle.”

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