A Lesson in Faith and Patience

As we head into Winter, we receive a lesson in faith and patience.

Day after day, cold winds blow, green grasses turn shades of brown, and empty branches wait to be filled with snow. The air is freezing, the land is dormant, and everything is still. But despite what we see on the surface, the deep soil is filled with movement as Nature prepares for new life in Spring.

Even when the surface of the land is frozen, soil temperatures maintain themselves above freezing. Winter snow often acts as an insulator to keep deep soil levels warm. This warmth protects organisms that live in the soil and blankets roots to allow for the Spring thaw. In the coldest climates, some microbes produce a compound—similar to antifreeze—in order to survive. Nature always finds a way.

Still, many people will ask, “If I can’t see it happening, how do I know it is there?”. Life is a journey of faith and perseverance. We delight in Spring blooms. We have faith that after every cold Winter, Nature will bring us the gift of warm sunshine, sun showers, and the exuberance of Spring. That pattern has been proven; we don’t have to second guess it. If we can wait out the Winter storm, we receive our reward.

Many facets of life are unknown. That’s part of the beauty of living. Having faith that the next day will come. And being able to persevere through each and every storm in order to receive the gifts waiting for us. If it is yours, it will be yours.


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