Qigong: the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

There are three aspects of a human being—body, mind, and Spirit. All too often, we live in our minds, focusing on what we can see, hear, and experience. But living this way is just scratching the surface of life’s potential. For everything we see, hear, or experience, there is so much more hidden under the surface.

Nature gives us the perfect example of this invisible power every Winter. The ground is frozen, and on the surface, everything looks dormant and still. But underneath the snow and soil, microbes are very active, working to nourish and aerate the soil for Spring growth.

Now picture the invisible power that fuels your every move and every decision. This power is Qi, and it is in everyone and everything. When we practice Qigong, we access that invisible power. With increased Qi, the mind becomes more peaceful and the body begins to function more harmoniously. Eventually, the Spirit will be guided to express its true purpose.

Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, our Tao of Morning Qigong community started their day with guidance, movement, and connection. Watch this video for a Tao of Morning Qigong year in review.  Join us!