Illness and Disease: Effects of Deeper Causes: Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part blog post, we looked at the connection between mind, body, and spirit in creating imbalances that show on the body. We also discovered the role of creativity in expressing health and dis-ease. This final article explores Qi and the profound promise within us always.

Qi is information, power or motion, and messages. It connects everything—it is everything. From the modern science perspective, you have put great creativity into your efforts to produce the effect of an unbalanced life with unbalanced energy. Your spirit knows, deep down, your chosen path will help you undergo a certain kind of processing designed to lead you to a better life.

Real healing comes from understanding the true cause of illness and disease. Most of us never look deeply at the profound connections to and promise of love and life we carry within us at all times. We never believe the gift to heal ourselves is already inside. Your spirit made the decision to be born into this third-dimensional reality and this time frame. You want the best, happiest, and most fulfilled life you can create. That is your promise. You want to experience love and connect deeply to the love of the Universe. You are not alone, ever. At your core, you have chosen to reach this goal and only you know why. The answer is always within.

When you accept this angle, you will understand why there are no accidents. You create your own reality, and have chosen this path for good purpose. But this is not the only path you have to follow. You always have the option of choosing a different one. If you have a specific illness or disease, you also have the capability of handling it. You were born with this strength.

So what is the answer we’re all searching for? In your cells, at the Qi level, everything is connected. Past, present, and future are all linked together. Before you were born, you prepared yourself for this life. You downloaded a message of love and all the tools you needed to face the conditions you are currently dealing with. When people confront disease or illness, they often focus on two things: life and death. You must focus on how to change your life, not on how to save your life. Spiritual practices tell us no one can save Life. If human beings really had the ability to save Life, the best doctors and the most enlightened masters would still be alive. Life belongs to God. Healing belongs to you. Following this path opens the way to achieving your destiny and fulfilling your promise. You can use your material body wisely to create the best life for yourself now, instead of putting all of your energy into prolonging life. Your spirit is eternally unique and can never be extinguished.

Here is a true story that some would call a miracle. A patient said, “Dr. Lu, what am I going to do? I was only born with one kidney and now I’ve been told this kidney has inoperable cancer. I’ve been given a few months to live.” Dr. Lu asked, “If you could do anything with your life right now, what would you really want to do?” The patient replied that he wanted to move to Florida, live at the beach, and sail his boat. And that’s exactly what he did. Three years later, the same patient came back to visit Dr. Lu.

If you have even one percent hope for life, the Universe will support you one hundred percent. So, ask yourself, “If I could do anything with my life right now, what would I really want to do?” And then go out and make it happen.Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.