Interrelationships and Chinese Medicine

“If you associate with the good, you can become the good. If you always associate with illness and disease, your life becomes about illness and disease. Is this your ultimate purpose? ” -Master Xi-hua Xu to Grand Master Nan Lu

The Spirit of Healing

If you truly understand oneness and the influence of the interrelationships with your life and with Nature, your life will always connect to the biggest notion of all—Universal consciousness. If you practice this way, you will discover many more things. This is the true spirit of body-mind-spirit healing and Chinese medicine.

Body-mind-spirit healing is focused on restoring balance and promoting harmony while supporting the body’s interrelationships with Nature and the Universe. Unfortunately, most people have distanced themselves from Nature. Today, in our practice, we help patients understand their conditions from the body, mind, and spirit levels to address consciousness and the loving purpose behind the condition.

Energy Processing

The path of treating illness and disease can produce excellent technicians who are skilled at treating symptoms. But TCM follows a different approach. It helps individuals understand health conditions as symbols of energy processing. This follows Nature’s rules and allows the individual to reach another level. This is the way of the Tao.

Symptoms are messages the body sends to allow it to communicate. These symptoms are the sign of an energetic imbalance. They are the visible effects of an invisible root cause. To truly heal, we have to recognize treating symptoms is not the real answer. Restoring harmony between the organ systems and promoting the free flow of Qi is the most powerful way.

The Five Element Consciousness Framework provides a blueprint for understanding relationships at the body, mind and spirit levels. Health is not just about how individual parts work; it is influenced by multiple relationships. Health is linked to how balanced a person’s relationships are with family, friends, parents, food, job, finances, Nature, and so many more things. The highest level of healing is about restoring balance and harmony, not fighting with illness and disease.


Self-Healing Ability

TCM believes everyone is born with a self-healing ability. It’s our species’ birthright. There are many things the body handles on a daily basis without intervention. In fact, every day our bodies process or encounter potentially dangerous bacteria. Often, we aren’t even aware the threat has been neutralized. Sometimes, though, when the body is out of balance and Qi-deficient, these things can overwhelm a person’s healing capability. This is especially true when it’s stretched to the limit.

The goal of TCM is to help patients spark their own healing power. When balance is restored, harmony happens. If the body is supported properly, it will heal itself. For 5,000 years, TCM has helped people enhance their healing power and recover from every conceivable health problem.


This post was excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.

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