Energetic Properties of Foods: Dandelion

When you put food into your body, you’re eating much more than the actual food. You’re getting the energy of the food—where it was grown, how it was grown and the messages it contains. Every food contains a different energy. Different energies are good for different bodies.

Let’s take a close look at dandelion. There are not many people who love the taste of dandelion, but it is a natural antibiotic that also helps to prevent breast cancer and detoxify the Liver. Dandelion has many benefits on a chemical and physical level. However, even higher than that, on an energetic level, it carries a powerful message. Many people consider dandelion a weed and try to destroy it. But this plant keeps coming back. It’s not afraid to be killed. Dandelion contains information that makes it strong and indestructible. When you eat dandelion, you’ll get the physical benefits noted above. Plus, it’ll help prevent anxiety and depression. Then you will be fearless.

Listen to what Grand Master Lu has to say about the energetic properties of foods below.


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