Sweet: The Power of the Spleen/Stomach and Liver

Most everyone loves a sweet every now and again. But some people crave sugar. Why? Just like an aching back or ringing in the ears, cravings are messages your body sends to help you understand what is happening on an energetic level.

We are now in the season of Late Summer, when the Spleen/Stomach organ system is on high alert. This pair is our body’s “energy generator” that helps you accumulate Qi from the foods you eat. The body uses this Qi to complete all of its daily activities. Energetically, the Spleen/Stomach and the Liver must support each other for good digestive health. The Liver is our “go with the flow” organ. All women’s health issues are directly or indirectly related to Liver function. A well-functioning Liver will flow smoothly, which translates to both physical and emotional flexibility, and a smooth flowing digestive system. However, the Liver has the hardest job of all: to process stress, anxiety and frustration.

In order to relieve stress, the Liver sends messages. It tells the body to eat sweet. This calms the Liver down and helps the body to release stress. If your stress continues to increase, the body doesn’t have the opportunity to change.

Liver function helps the Spleen/Stomach and the digestive system to function properly. If the Liver is not reaching its potential, how can it fulfill its promise? If the Liver cannot help the Spleen/Stomach to function, all of the sweet will be stuck in the Stomach. When the digestive system can’t function properly, the sugar is left to turn into fat.

Getting fat is a symbol of creativity. From one angle, someone can say, “You are a good artist. You created a beautiful body—beautiful image.” Size is power—big car, big house. So a bigger body can hold more stress. The body has to do this to defend itself. All of this becomes the image, the body’s signs.

Practicing Qigong can help you change your belief. Your power doesn’t have to show on your body. You can still be strong if you can be flexible—if you can let it go.


Click below to listen to Grand Master Lu’s beautiful talk on the interrelated nature of the Liver and the Spleen/Stomach.



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