Vickie’s Story: Interweaving Miracles

Since starting Grand Master Lu’s summer challenge this past June, I have experienced healing on interconnected issues that have been plaguing me for decades. Part of the challenge involved delving deeper into family relationships. My identical twin sister and I had numerous breakthroughs about our relationship. We’ve always been best friends, but are now closer than ever. I also had a new understanding of my individual identity, separate from hers. Competition and comparison are common among siblings, but especially between twins. I felt “less than” her in certain areas, or even incomplete.

While meditating one day, I had a vivid memory/experience of my first few weeks on earth. My sister went home, but I was having some medical issues, so I was put in an incubator. It was a kind of “empty vessel” experience; receiving a jumpstart to help manifest my inborn genetic code. In our next class, I asked Grand Master Lu about identical twins, having individual souls but an identical genetic code. While he was speaking, my kidneys seized up in a terrible burning pain. The Western medicine part of my brain said, “You’d better get to an ER”, but of course I didn’t buy into that fear. When he was done speaking, the pain subsided. All of that processing seems to have activated some dormant parts of my inborn genetic code, and allowed me to recognize and own my individual purpose and destiny.

Because everything is connected, it seems that other Kidney related ailments I had have been healed, too. Since an injury in college, I have had some lower back/sacroiliac joint pain. It is now almost completely gone. When the pain comes back, I just assume it is “garbage bags”, and I try to listen to what it is telling me. In addition, for most of my adult life, I have been bothered by frequent urination. I would wake 2 – 4 times every night to empty my bladder. This fragmented sleep was annoying and sometimes distressing. However, for the past 5 months, I’ve been sleeping through the night, without getting up at all or only once. What rest and liberation!
I attribute all of the above to Grand Master Lu’s teachings, increasing my Qigong practice (including extra practice with Energy Gate 3), and the work on inborn Qi that we completed this summer.
-Vickie Leisure

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