Melt Away Those Extra Pounds

Ever wonder why you just can’t lose weight? Or maybe you are on the lose-gain cycle—even with a diet and exercise routine, you have a hard time just keeping the weight off.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply flip a switch to send the body a message to melt fat and turn it into something useful? Indeed, that is possible and very doable.

Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC² reflected this thinking. When you gain weight, it’s simply the body’s way of showing that it is stuck. When energy cannot move freely, you begin to gain weight, and you may also experience mild aches and pains, trouble sleeping, and an overall sense of feeling “off”.

E=MC² simply means that energy and mass are interchangeable. As you slim down, the body transforms fat into energy. It uses this extra energy to rebalance and heal itself. That’s when your health issues begin to melt away. You look and feel great. But most importantly, you’ve lost the weight for good.

For the past 20 years, we’ve applied this thinking to our Dragon’s Way Qigong® program. During a series of classes, you learn how to use energy for healing through Qigong practice, healthy eating and understanding that symptoms are simply your body’s way of communicating with you.

Take Celia’s story for example: Ceila was 18 pounds overweight, and suffered from chronic bladder infections and lower back pain. She was desperate for change but had accepted that at her menopausal age, this was now her fate. Then she discovered Dragon’s Way Qigong. Something sparked in her. She practiced the qigong movements every day and followed the eating plan as best she could. After 5 weeks, she lost 12 pounds. Eight weeks later, 3 more pounds rolled off. Ceila continued to follow the plan and ultimately came away feeling great! She had lost a total of 21 pounds and had resolved all of her health issues. She was hooked!

The new year is the perfect time to begin your own journey toward looking great and feeling even better. Learn how to listen to your body’s messages and give it the support it needs to heal and stay in balance. Learn more, and join a Dragon’s Way Qigong class today!