"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)

The Dragon’s Way®

The Dragon’s Way® is a six-week weight loss and stress management program based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles. TCM offers solutions to health concerns by recognizing that we are energy beings, interconnected with nature and the Universe. Knowing how to use energy to balance the body is the secret behind the Dragon’s Way’s enormous success. When the body falls out of balance you may gain weight, feel more stressed, begin to experience a host of discomforts and illnesses. We address these conditions by tapping into the body’s wisdom and offering it what it needs to resolve health issues, energy!

The program incorporates four main components listed below.


Six one-hour class sessions with a certified Dragon’s Way Instructor includes the following four components.

1. Wu Ming Qigong Movements

Ten Wu Ming Qigong movements are the cornerstone of this program. When practiced regularly they have the ability to “clean-up” the body and increase overall energy. These powerful qigong movements are easy to do and can be practiced by everyone and require no special clothing or special breathing technique.

2. Specialized Healthy Eating Plan

Our suggested eating style is unique because it’s based on the body’s need for energetic support, rather than the physical properties of food. The Dragon’s Way encourages a positive relationship with food and goes beyond counting calories or portion control.  Sample eating plan. Click Here.

3. Framework for Lifestyle Changes

Listening to the body from a Five Element perspective is the basis for understanding how the body communicates its needs. This communication could be in the form of cravings, emotions or discomforts. Learning how to read these signs is the foundation for making sustainable lifestyle changes. Our goal is to teach you how to partner with your body to enjoy health. Try our self-assessment quizzes to see if the Dragon’s Way program is right for you.

4. Herbal Supplements

Like foods, herbs also contain a unique blueprint or essence to support the body. Did you know that some of the teas you drink are considered herbs? Some people ask, “Do I have to take herbs?” and the answer is no. However, by including herbal supplements as part of your daily routine, the body is able to enjoy a deeper level of healing.  If you are struggling with many health issues including excess weight then we do recommend herbal support.


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