Men’s Health Part 2: Use Your Inner Strength for Healing

In Men’s Health Part 1, we focused on health problems that many modern men face—from stress, insomnia and memory loss, to back problems, joint pains, urinary and sexual function problems. The underlying cause of these issues is usually always related to a Kidney energy deficiency. So how does traditional Chinese medicine respond?

TCM treats me n’s health issues with natural methods that create lasting health without side effects. Prevention is the true specialty of Chinese medicine. We educate men about the benefits of natural healing techniques and balanced lifestyle choices so they can build and maintain their health.

Exercise and Qigong Practice

Most men exercise because they want to keep their strength and their power as they age. But think about the effects of your exercise routine on your body from a different angle. Running and going to the gym actually use up Qi instead of increasing it. So when you do these kinds of exercises in an intensive way, on a regular basis, over a long period of time, they can actually create a Kidney function disorder.

Smart exercise, on the other hand, supports your body. One of the best ways to build energy is through Qigong and meditation. Qigong is an ancient energy practice that breaks down energy blockages in the meridians, the invisible pathways through which Qi flows throughout the body. When practiced regularly, Qigong balances your body’s Qi and raises it to a higher level. It also stimulates the body’s internal organs and makes the energy communication between them stronger. Qigong activates and increases your body’s innate self-healing ability.

At our healing center, the Tao of Healing, we teach a series of Wu Ming Qigong movements for men’s health that guides the energy to strengthen Kidney function. It’s the foundation of our Men’s Health program.

Healing Essence of Foods

TCM looks at food in terms of its healing essence. Which foods help support Kidney function? All seafood: fish and shellfish, including lobster, shrimp, oysters and clams. They come from the salty sea. Salt is the taste associated with the Kidney in TCM’s Five Element Framework. It’s not possible to eat table salt in large quantities, so seafood carries a salty essence to support the Kidney. Also eat plenty of nuts. Walnuts, pine nuts and pecans are especially good for Kidney function.


Classical Chinese herbs can produce long-term healing results. Many men ask about taking vitamin supplements. These never really fix a problem, they only cover it up. There are many herbs and foods that Chinese medicine has prescribed for thousands of years that can help heal men’s health problems at their source. Pine pollen and bee pollen, for example, are very good for the Heart and for prostate problems. For changes that come with aging, wild mushrooms (ling zhi) and ginseng can be beneficial.

Your Health is in Your Hands

Chinese medicine believes your health is always in your own hands. You create your own reality.

Look at the wisdom in your body: your cells have thousands of years of wisdom passed from generation to generation. If you have a health problem, you also have its solution. There are two sides of the same genetic “coin.” You may have an illness or issue on one side, but on the other side is the true power—your power to heal yourself. When you come to this life, you come with the “download” for both. In order to access this healing power, you have to look within.

The true goal of TCM is to help you find your own self-healing power and use it for good. Use it to bring health into your life at any age. And remember: You are always connected to the ultimate healing source—Universal energy.