Seasonal Opportunities and Possibilities

Nature has so much to teach us about moving easily through life’s constant changes. Seasonal patterns are life lessons that teach us patience and promise. Winter’s quiet shows how to use energy to be self-contained. When we look outside, we see nothing moving. The trees have let go of their leaves and the grass is dormant. Everything is calm. This is a lesson in trust and faith that changes always happen, even when they are invisible to the eye.

Under the ground in Winter, everything is reorganizing and connecting in different ways. The invisible energy of the Universe is using this time to move information and resources, build different teams, and prepare for the year ahead.

Whatever Nature can do, you can too. Merge with Winter’s message—deeply rest so that you can create new possibilities in Spring.
The energy of each season’s transition has the power to move everything on Earth. Your beliefs help support you in times of change. Focus your thoughts in new ways to shift your body, mind and spirit. Build the habit of connecting to seasonal transitions, one after the other, to move more easily through your life and into ever greater purpose and joy.