Seasonal Opportunities and Possibilities

Nature has so much to teach us about moving easily through life’s constant changes. Seasonal patterns are life lessons that teach us patience and promise.

Winter’s quiet is a magnificent teacher. In Winter, there are bare trees and remnants of dried plants and grasses–everything is still. But Nature has faith. Nature knows that changes always happen, even when they are invisible to the eye.

Under the cold ground, everything is in motion. Life is reorganizing and connecting in different ways. The invisible energy of the Universe is using the Winter season to move information and resources, build different teams, and prepare for the year ahead.

Now as we head into Spring, we see Winter’s gifts unfold. That invisible life under the surface will soon give birth to Spring blooms. What appeared quiet and dormant on the visible level was in actuality, Nature’s way of preparing for the beauty that is to come.

Learn from Nature. Embrace her gifts and recognize them also inside of you. As we now begin to welcome Spring, reorganize and create new possibilities, as you, too, prepare to blossom.

Welcome the energy of each seasonal transition. Your beliefs help support these times of change. Rebalance yourself by embracing Spring’s seasonal consciousness to take in all that is possible. As you connect to one seasonal transition after the other, you’ll begin to move more freely through your life and into ever greater purpose and joy.

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Live Full Moon Meditation, March 28 at 9:00 AM (EST). Attend by visiting the Grand Master Nan Lu YouTube channel. Practice this posture in preparation for the guided meditation.

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Liver Qi Enhancement, April 11-25. Tap into the emerging energy of Spring to enhance healthy Liver function. Program includes: Qigong practice, TCM lessons, a light eating plan, and more. Register now