Clean Up Your Dust. You Are the Star. You Will Shine.

What is human life? Have you ever stopped to think about that question, or to ponder how or why we got here? Science would cite the Big Bang Theory and the concept of evolution as clear-cut answers. While those are accepted truths, we can also look at life from spiritual and energetic perspectives. Everything that happened thousands—even millions—of years ago is buried in today. Those connections impact Nature and each one of us every single day. But why? Because everything in the Universal picture—each and every person, plant, animal, planet and star, even the air we breathe—is energy.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the knowledge that everything is energy. Think about that statement. Everything you see, feel, touch, and experience around you—good or bad—is a form of energy. And everything inside of you is energy as well. A human being is Heaven’s energy (or Universal energy) and Earth’s energy transformed together. In this light, we are all energy beings. We are all built of the same material. This concept opens our eyes to see others in a more beautiful light and to find the light that shines within ourselves as well.

When you are born, you contain all of the energies from the Universe. Every particle inside of you knows its purpose. The whole system must work together to achieve its larger destiny. But are you aware of this consciousness? We constantly receive energy from the stars, but it’s up to each individual to be willing and open to accept this energy and connect to it.

Often times, we are our own worst enemies. We get in our own way and have a hard time seeing past the hurt, misfortune or disease that plagues our lives. But these things are energy, too. If we can view life in this light, we can see that energy, which is all around and within us—is just looking to move freely throughout our lives. When it gets trapped, it shows up in our lives in a negative light. So learn to let go of everything that holds you back. Express your true passions in life. Find what it is that makes you shine from within. And renew your connection to Nature—it is your birthright.

As Grand Master Nan Lu so gracefully expressed, “Clean up your dust. You are the star. You will shine.”