Connecting to the Source of Qi

If you follow our blogs, you likely have a good understanding of what Qi means. But what is the source of that Qi, and how do we connect? Grand Master Lu shares three examples to help you visualize that connection. Which is most meaningful to you?

Example 1: Christmas Tree

When you buy a Christmas tree, it’s deep green in color and smells fresh—it’s definitely alive. However, unless you bought a potted tree to plant in the ground at a later date, your tree won’t stay alive for long. Regardless of the amount of water you provide it, after several weeks, its needles yellow and it begins to dry out and die. The tree is no longer connected to the earth. It has been cut from its root and deprived of its essential source of nourishment.

Similarly, the body’s meridian network contains the energetic roots that connect you to Nature’s Qi and Universal Qi, the source of life. For this tree and for all human beings to remain alive, they must connect to the source of energy and nourishment.


Example 2: Smartphone

You frequently plug your smartphone into a charger, which in turn is plugged into your home’s electrical power supply. When the battery is fully charged, you unplug it and go about your day. Sooner or later, depending on how much you use your phone, the battery runs down and needs to be recharged.

Meridians allow your body to plug into a power source far greater than yourself—Universal Qi. And this energy is free if you know the access code! That is the immense power of the meridian system.


Example 3: Instant Reaction

Have you ever walked down a street and had to quickly jump out of the way from a reckless car swerving in your direction? How were you able to jump to safety so quickly? Your body has the capability to take action even before your eyes can see the danger, your mind can process the danger, or your muscles can move away from the danger. It’s not sheer physical strength or muscles that help you avoid a serious accident. This kind of action is beyond the physical; it takes your whole body’s instant internal cooperation at every level.

This motion is based on the meridian system, which operates at the speed of light. Electromagnetic energy signals travel at 186,000 miles per second! By contrast, chemical signals travel at less than a centimeter per second. You have a ready-made antenna that allows you to connect to an unlimited power source and download information at the speed of light. So, are you able to access and use this special connection? How can you open yourself to upgrade your energy connection?


Unconditional Love of Universal Energy

Taoist philosophy recognizes that each individual represents the life and love of the Universe in this reality. You are designed to allow Universal Qi to flow through you for your own purpose. Your body literally runs on the unconditional love of Universal energy. This is a fundamental concept. That’s why Qi, or life force, is so essential.

With serious practice, Qigong energy movements can tune up meridians and allow them to become more sensitive. While regular exercise can stimulate the physical body, Qigong goes much deeper. By stimulating the energetic body, Qigong impacts the meridians. The invisible is always more powerful than the visible. If you’re looking for a miracle, dive down to the invisible, energetic level where meridians function.

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.


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