How Do You Recharge?

When phones and laptops run out of battery, they shut down until someone plugs them in. Likewise, if lights have been left on inside a car all night, the battery slowly drains until a jumpstart gets the car back up and running. Although our human bodies work a bit differently, the same principle applies.

How many times have you spread yourself so thin that running from one thing to the next left you completely depleted? Often, we go and go and go until something forces us to stop. From commuting to work to home responsibilities to carpools, by the time we reach the end of each day we are often so tired that there’s nothing left in our reserves.

So how do we recharge our batteries?

Here are three easy ways to refill your tank.

  1. Qigong Practice: Qigong is an energy practice. Each Qigong movement works at  the meridian level to help Qi flow through the body. A balanced body is a healthy body. Learn  more about the body’s meridians and practice the Four Energy Gates (see below video) every day.
  2. Make Time for Yourself: It’s always  important to carve out “me time” every day, no matter how busy your schedule. Allow yourself real time to rest, renew, and creatively pursue what makes you happy.
  3. Eat and Live Close to Nature: As the seasons change, many people experience colds, the flu, and seasonal allergies. Align yourself with Nature’s changing energy by spending time in Nature and eating seasonal harvests. In-season foods carry the essence of the season. What foods are growing locally in your area? Visit a local farm or farmer’s market. Or better yet, grow the food yourself in an outdoor garden. Visit our recipe page to learn new and interesting ways to prepare your fresh fruits and vegetables.