Nature Knows: One Good Deed Leads to Another

Nature has an intelligence of its own. Trees know to drop their leaves to conserve energy and lessen weight every fall. Seasons automatically shift, without being “told” to do so. Animals place nuts and seeds in safe keeping to sustain themselves throughout the cold, dormant winter. And as smart as its creations are, Nature shows its willingness to befriend all creatures. When one animal is abandoned, another often takes it in, raising it as its own.

While Nature has shown its resilience, kindness and intelligence, one group of animals rises to the top. Corvids, such as ravens, crows and magpies, are extremely intelligent birds capable of thought processes equivalent to an 8-year old child. They think through situations, make decisions–often with their group, vocalize to communicate and create useful tools. While they are excellent fliers and navigators, these birds are equally good at hunting and scavenging for food, often planning an attack and enlisting others for help.

Although often negatively portrayed as tricksters and bad omens, ravens are admired for their ability to remember human faces and respond positively to kind gestures. Once a human is kind to a troubled raven, the bird spreads word of the deed to its community. This single act of kindness creates a community of birds that in turn become friendlier toward each other and the kind human. The ravens may even return the favor, by leaving a dead animal as a gift.

The natural world instinctively knows the value of sharing acts of kindness. How can we learn from this example?

Kindness matters. Spread love, compassion, hope and happiness today. Share your heart with those around you. It’s amazing what will come back to you in return.


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