Heart Health: Emergency First Aid

The summer is the season energetically associated with the Heart. If you are already experiencing physical or energetic imbalances, you may be more prone to cardiac conditions at this time. Here are some acupressure-based emergency first aid tips to use if you or a loved one are experiencing an immediate heart condition while waiting for help to arrive.

12-PericardiumThese acupressure tips provide stimulation to support your Heart function.

1) Open and close both hands, making sure your fingers curl down to touch the palms of your hands. Your middle fingers are the most important fingers to make a connection with the palms (acupoints Pericardium 8 and 9). Continue to open and close your hand for at least five minutes, or for as long as possible.

2) Apply pressure, as hard as you can, to the approximately the middle of your inner forearm, where it is tender (acupoint Pericardium 4). Do this as long as necessary.

3) Bite your pinky fingers at the corners of the nail closest to the palm (but don’t bite your pinkies off!). Again, do this until help arrives or until you feel symptoms subsiding.


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