Four Tips for Good Digestive Health

Although it may feel like Fall outside, Nature is still making its transitioning from Late Summer. This is the shortest season, yet it is a time of great change and the perfect opportunity to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. During this season, we rely on our digestive system for emotional and physical nourishment. Keeping our Stomach and Spleen energy balanced provides a foundation for lifelong mind-body-spirit health.

Follow these Late Summer eating-for-healing tips to boost your digestive health:

  1. Choose yellow or orange fruits and veggies with a sweet taste and “earthy” essence to stimulate Stomach and Spleen function. Sweet potatoes, yuca, mangoes, pineapple, tangerine, taro root, parsnips, squash, bamboo shoots and peanuts are great choices.
  2. Eat lightly (until you’re about 80% full), cutting back on bread, dairy and meats. Eating less gives your Stomach a chance to rebalance its functioning.
  3. Omit cold drinks and raw vegetables. Your Stomach loves warmth. Like a stove, it needs warmth to “cook” and digest your food properly. Every time you eat cold food or iced drinks, your digestive system uses extra Qi to warm up and then break down what you’re eating.
  4. Enjoy your meals with good company and in a peaceful environment. Giving yourself permission to relax and savor the food in front of you, all while enjoying your company and surroundings is key to healthful eating!


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