Intensity: Water Puts Out Fire

As we transition from the Fire of Summer to the grounding Earth element of Late Summer, Earth is ripe with life, having fully expressed its Summer harvest. The weather is hot and builds in its intensity throughout the day, forcing many people indoors or plunging into the ocean or swimming pools. Water puts out Summer’s fire.

On these August days, we welcome afternoon thunderstorms to break the intense heat and humidity. When the rains pour down, Earth again has a chance to breathe and release. We are a part of Nature. The emotions it expresses through weather and seasons are also felt within each of us. Those emotions are Qi–Nature’s Qi.

Late Summer’s intensity catches us and holds us–emotionally, physically and mentally. The air is thick, and within, it’s hard to catch your breath. Intensity lingers, so much so that you can almost wrap your hands around it. And within us, intensity is an emotion that can only be broken with a good cry. Water puts out fire.

Interesting, isn’t it? The intensity felt in Nature is the same thing we feel internally. And while we wait for rain to release Late Summer’s building heat, tears relieve ours. Water puts out fire.

Nature has always been our best teacher. Through Nature’s example, we can better understand all of the interactions happening within and around us. So when you wonder why you are feeling or reacting in a certain manner, take a walk outdoors. And then take a good look within. Are you expressing or reacting to Nature’s emotions? How can you process Nature’s changes to better transition with its ebbs and flows?


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