Qi for Today: Embarking on a New Journey

In our blog series, Qi for Today, we call on our Qi community to share solutions to modern-day challenges.

Over the past few years, we have collectively experienced many societal ups and downs. In March of 2020, at the onset of Covid, fears ran rampant. Masks, gloves, and quarantine notices forced people into isolation, away from human contact. As the world re-emerged two years later, and people began to re-engage with one another, many proceeded cautiously. Kids had to relearn how to learn and engage with friends. Stores and restaurants that had shuttered their doors struggled to reopen. Many were hesitant to ride the subway or take part in their usual everyday activities. This, paired with political upheavals, natural disasters, and various social movements, brought an onslaught of emotions to the forefront.

Still, life continued. The quiet during Covid gave Nature a chance to recover and provided us the perfect window—a fresh perspective—from which to see the world anew. With less human activity, Mumbai, India, a densely populated city, received flocks of over 100,000 migrating flamingos—25% more than pre-pandemic numbers. In addition, pollution, caused by factory and vehicle emissions, dropped steeply in the world’s busiest cities. Through this lens, we were given a clear example of the impact humans have on their surroundings. If time, patience, and harmony can heal Nature, what can it do to human hearts?

The world in December 2022 looks very different than it did in March of 2020. Still, Covid has made a permanent impression on our world, impacting the way we communicate, educate, conduct business, and worship. And while Covid will likely remain for the foreseeable future, we’ve learned to adapt—societally, economically, and otherwise. Our Qi community has gathered multiple times per week to practice Qigong with Grand Master Lu. As we practiced, we held tightly to the energy community we formed to build our Qi and strengthen our spirits. As we woke up our Qi, many of us began to see changes on the physical level. And together, we emerged with the wisdom that the answer to any challenge, fear, or perceived impossibility is always found within.

As we close out 2022 and ready ourselves to begin a brand new adventure in 2023, we open a door to bountiful new horizons. The new year provides us with an opportunity to step foot on a different path. New journeys often conjure up worry and fear—emotions that hold us back from truly experiencing what’s around the next bend. We can choose to hold onto what is familiar or we can let go of fear and confidently walk into 2023 with pure excitement and a renewed sense of hope and purpose.


So, Qi community, tell us…

How do you step onto a new path without dragging the weight of worry and fear with you?

Share your comments below!