The Healing Power of Honey

During this time of year, allergies are sky high. People suffer with runny noses; itchy, watery eyes; scratchy throats; and in some cases, flu-like symptoms. Rather than reaching for medication, I encourage my patients to ask themselves, “Why am I out of balance with Nature during this seasonal change?” Someone might recommend the patient eat local honey to cure their allergy. When the patient does, she experiences a great benefit. From the physical level, this makes sense. Local organic honey can help fight allergies. However, that’s not the whole story.

Energetic Requirements

If we go to the energetic level, we see something profound. In the location where the honey comes from, there are many flowers in bloom. These flowers have lived through the seasonal changes in the area. Through their processing, these flowers have reached the highest level of their existence—to fully bloom. They meet the criteria of being in harmony with their environment, which also makes them attractive to bees. Unfortunately, the allergy sufferer hasn’t met the same requirements of being able to process the seasonal changes. That’s why she manifested this condition and its symptoms. The allergy is a relationship problem, or a sign that the person has fallen out of balance with Nature.

Now, let’s turn our attention back to the bee and flowers. First, the flowers have met Nature’s requirements of being able to process the seasonal change. Second, the bees have taken the pollen and transformed it into honey. The honey has undergone two transitions in Nature by the time the allergy sufferer ingests it. When the patient eats honey, the Qi and messages it contains have the ability to stimulate and readjust her body to meet the requirements for handling the seasonal transition.

Invisible Messages

My master continually reminds me that the whole body’s purpose is for good. Cells continually look for health, balance and harmony; they are not programmed to search for illness or disease. You did not enter this reality to experience misery. When you open your mind and expand your beliefs, the body will welcome invisible messages like those of this honey. If you are able to go through this kind of processing, it is possible to cure the root cause of an allergy. As an alternative, you can take antihistamines every six hours to mask and control symptoms. But if the root cause of the allergy—a disruption of relationships—remains untreated, it will appear again the following year.

The Spirit of Food

If you are not open to the spirit level of food, this local honey cannot connect with your Spirit and relay the message of seasonal balance. The spiritual level of the honey has to connect with yours. That’s why, for some people, eating the honey will have a healing benefit; for some, it will not. This depends on your openness and belief.

It’s not just the chemical properties of the honey that heals. There is something powerful behind these properties. If your condition is associated with a disruption with Natural Law, or with Nature itself, it is important to believe in the concept of cooperation. If you are not able to vibrate with this frequency, you will shut down your receiver to these healing messages. Honey will be just plain honey. But if you believe, even though you may not know how it works, honey can work for you.

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Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu and Ellen Schaplowsky. Get your copy here!