Kitchen Pharmacy: Healing Honey

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that certain foods have medicinal properties, whether taken orally or used topically. These foods carry a healing essence that innately support a certain organ function. Understanding the essence of these foods can be very beneficial in your healing journey.

So how do we choose the best foods for us? Healing foods give us the best messages. These foods have energy and consciousness. They are digestible at deeper levels—energy, information, and consciousness levels.

Honey is an incredible food that carries messages of warmth throughout the body. It does not need to be processed. We can take it raw—directly from the beehive—and use it to enhance our foods and support our bodies. Think about the process bees go through to make honey. Worker bees collect nectar from flowers, filling a sac in their stomachs with the nectar until they have gathered enough to bring back to the hive. A second worker bee then ingests the nectar collected, using enzymes in its body to break down the sugars. The digested nectar is then deposited into the segments of the honeycomb, which the bees make from digested wax. Bees then flap their wings in the warm hive to evaporate the water in the nectar, forming the thick, sticky honey that we know and love.

There is clear intention in the process of honey making. Honeybees feed honey to their colonies through the long, cold winter. Each honeybee will only produce 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. So every teaspoon of honey you ingest is the life’s work of 12 honeybees. Just think about all of the Qi they put into the honey you are mixing into your tea. Plus, honeybees only collect nectar from the strongest flowers in Nature. You never see bees visiting wilting or dying flowers. They know healthy flowers will create the most nutritious, energy-rich honey. Nature knows. Follow its patterns.

Are all types of honey equal? Choosing raw, local, organic honey is best. This means that chemicals were not added to the honeycomb during the honey-making process. It also ensures that the flowers bees visited were wild and untreated with harmful pesticides. Choosing local honey exposes you to the essence of flowers in your area, and helps boost your immunity. It also helps align your body with Nature’s energies, which is very useful for people who experience seasonal allergies.

Honey supports the energetic function of the Stomach and the Lung. It is also a natural antibiotic, whether ingested orally or used topically on a burn or a cut. In the kitchen, honey can be added to many foods, both sweet and savory. Try a spoonful of raw, organic honey every day to boost your immunity. Then check out our recipe section. Try Honey Roasted Pears with Ginger, Homemade Organic Peanut Butter, Warm Pear Soup, Tangerine Peel Tea, and many more!