How Does Cold Enter the Body?

Most health conditions today are related to Cold and Dampness. Thousands of years ago, ancient physicians observed through practice that six environmental elements of Nature can act as pathogens and harm the body when they are experienced chronically or to a great degree: Cold, Wind, Dampness, Heat, Dryness and Fire (sometimes called Summer Heat). There are two forms of Cold. One is physical, which we can see, touch and feel. We can observe it in ice water, salads, ice cream and many foods the Western lifestyle favors. The other kind is Essence, the vibration or frequency of Cold, which happens at the invisible level. Sometimes we know when this energetic essence enters our body because we can feel it. At other times, we’re unaware it has managed to break into our bodies like s silent thief; then, we experience its consequences.

Here’s an example of how Cold unknowingly enters the body. When I travel to China, my airline often flies over the North Pole, one of the coldest areas of Earth. Everything here is in a permanent deep freeze. Though the temperature in the cabin remains comfortable, the outside energy is extremely cold and powerful. Once, my older companion suddenly experienced a feeling of intense, internal Cold. He felt a deep aching in his body and experienced major arthritis-like pain. His body was responding to the cold essence of the outside environment. The extreme temperature impacted his organs and joints. While many of our fellow passengers may not have had such an acute reaction, this extreme environmental element had the ability to impact some passengers, especially if their energy was weak or unbalanced.

One of the important diagnostic questions I ask my patients is whether or not they suffer from cold hands and feet. If the answer is yes, I know the person already has symptoms of internal Cold. Often people only think about the temperature when they hear the word cold, but that’s the visible side of this element. It’s the invisible that has the most impact. As we know, the invisible is always more powerful than the visible.

Think about the Winter season. Why do people experience more arthritis problems during this season? One reason is the temperature, but it’s also the cold essence that can penetrate the body. That’s why we see “snowbirds” escape from northern winters to Florida or Arizona. Why do a number of people experience pain before snow or rain comes? Before the visible appears, they can already feel the impact of the invisible energy in their bodies. It’s amazing: even if the forecast doesn’t call for snow, my patients can tell you that snow is expected based on their arthritis. Can people do this? Is it real? Yes! The body is so sensitive that it has the capability to respond to Cold’s energetic frequency.

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.


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