Connecting with the Moon’s Universal Energy

The moon’s incredible energetic power is at its peak during a full moon. This month’s full moon, often referred to as the Buck Moon, will grace our skies Tuesday evening, at 5:38 PM. However, it will appear full for three days—from Monday evening through Thursday morning. Take this opportunity to connect to this pure Universal energy.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Observe the moon. Whether with the aid of a telescope or without, recognize the presence of this celestial being. Become aware of its power to affect ocean tides and human emotions. Breathe in and breathe out, bringing this power within.
  2. Walk under the light of the moon. Smile knowing that the Qi that lights the evening sky is within and around you. As the moon’s light touches your skin, feel its embrace.
  3. Practice in the moon’s presence. Each month, the Universe gives us the opportunity to download Universal Qi in the form of a full moon. Practice The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth to align Universal energies with your own.