Earth’s Energy: Feel the Buzz!

Earth has its own ecosystem, influenced by the moon and greater celestial bodies. Our human bodies reflect this. We are part of Nature and must adhere to natural law to find our source of balance and harmony.

Summer storms roll across the earth with pounding rain; loud, thunderous booms; and crashes of lightning hotter than the surface of the sun. This movement and energy is also mirrored within. Storms bring about transitions from intense heat to quiet breezes and intense emotions to inner peacefulness. The cool calm after the storm is much needed—within ourselves and also in Nature—as we begin to transition into Late Summer. Have you noticed these patterns within? When Earth’s energy rises, do you feel the buzz? Become aware of Nature’s changes and the way they affect your emotions and physical body.

Today marks July’s full moon—the second and brightest of two consecutive supermoons. On Wednesday, July 13, at 2:37 PM EST, the moon will reach its peak fullness. Just 10 hours prior, the moon passed exceptionally close to the Earth during its perigee.

How can we connect our own vital Qi to the Universal Qi of July’s supermoon to enhance our own healing? How can we root into the transition of the full moon to help us better align with Nature? Standing quietly in the profound Qigong posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth, aligns the visible to the invisible, allowing us the opportunity to reset, rebalance, and regain connections to enhance our own Qi and promote inner peace—the key to mind, body, spirit Oneness.


Join Us!

Embrace the moon’s power and presence as you tap into this field and the consciousness of others around the world by holding The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth for as long as you are able. We will begin our meditation at 7:30 PM EST. Join us from wherever you are!