A New Picture

Walking along the shoreline, watching waves lap across the sand, one can feel the intensity of the Universe. As in all of Nature, balance plays a key role. The moon and the sun, two celestial beings, combine to create ocean tides that we, on Earth, can feel, see and experience. The ocean’s width and depth seems endless and yet it is so easy to grasp. As the human body is made mostly of water, we connect in yet another way to this large earthly presence and to the vast amount of Qi it possesses.

The ocean’s energy is constantly in motion.  Waves wash up and out, churning shells, rocks, tiny creatures and sand in its powerful yet delicate grasp; and they all just flow. With every wave comes a new picture, a completely different presence than with the wave before. Each wave is a new dance—rhythmic, unpredictable, and profound. Some shells get carried to shore and land there until someone or something picks them up. But others get tossed around and around, until their original form is unrecognizable. These shells become ground up bits that eventually form more of the shoreline.

The ocean is continually replenishing—both itself and its landscape—with every force of water. As in our bodies, each new breath offers us a chance to replenish and reconnect to this Universal source of Qi. It also offers us new opportunities to deeply connect with ourselves.