Words of Wisdom: Three Aspects of Qi

Qi is energy, or life force. Qi comes from the Universe. This Universal life force moves through your body’s invisible network of meridians and connects to the visible body. Qi is what binds and sustains us. It is what animates and breathes life into every part of our being. Qi swirls through the trees, the wind and the rain. Qi is life.

There are three aspects of Qi.

The first is power or strength. Do you have power? Do you feel like you can achieve something incredible?

The second is information. Qi gives you knowledge and wisdom. For example, even if a computer has electrical power, it is useless without its software. The software connects to the Internet, to the whole world. So when we think about Qi, we see the information that will help you connect to Nature and to the whole Universe.

The third, and most important aspect of Qi is consciousness. Consciousness is energy and includes everything in your life⏤everything that surrounds you. It even includes things that you feel, think and see. As energy beings, you are connected to the unconditional love and consciousness of the Universe.

Health is a reflection of your consciousness and not the gathering of information about the physical body. Exploring this kind of thinking will change the way you view your life. Your outlook for what’s possible will change, and since your body is a shadow of the energetic level, your health will also change.

The whole purpose of Qigong practice is to help you open up, to use your “Innernet” to connect to the unlimited power and the unlimited wisdom of the Universe that is called life force.

– Grand Master Nan Lu



Come back tomorrow to learn more about meridians, the invisible pathway that helps us to discover ourselves, and allows our Qi to connect to that of Nature and the Universe.

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