Paint Your Own Sunshine

Imagine, if you can, this scene:

A young woman moves into a fixer upper in a dreary town that seems to have been all but forgotten. She lives alone, but is vibrant and outgoing—anxious to meet her neighbors. After sorting through boxes and arranging her favorite things, she takes a stroll down the block. Everywhere she looks she sees something she hadn’t noticed before.

Sunlight streaming through one window: “How lovely it must be to sit in that room every afternoon,” she thinks to herself.

A collection of daffodils: “What a bright and cheery flower box!” She smiles with wonder as she paints a glorious image of the world around her.

Meanwhile, her neighbors peer outside at this curious woman staring into their run-down homes and overgrown gardens. They’re intrigued, but skeptical. The sunlight is a happy accident, but it illuminates all of the dust that has gathered from years without human care. Likewise, without anyone to tend to the gardens, the daffodils have sprouted through a bed of thick weeds.

The townspeople describe their community as desolate, dull and unforgiving. But everywhere this new neighbor goes, she paints a ray of sunshine to brighten the path.

Life is what you make of it. We experience the world we see. You can look out your window and see thick weeds or beautiful flowers. Which lens do you look through?

You create your own reality. Always find the good.


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